What does you know “knowledge society”?

A society is said to be in a knowledge society if it relies heavily on the creation and consumption of knowledge to advance its economy, society, and culture.

What does you know knowledge society

Instead of only gathering information or using what is already known, innovation, creativity, and the creation of new knowledge are prioritised in a knowledge society.

A knowledge society is developed with the help of education. People acquire the knowledge, skills, and competences required to engage in the knowledge economy through education. 

Education systems must provide students with the knowledge and abilities necessary to contribute effectively to an economy and society that are changing quickly. This encompasses not only technical proficiency but also critical and creative thinking, as well as the capacity for teamwork.

Additionally, schools themselves are important elements of a knowledge society. Universities and other educational institutions serve as centres for research and innovation in addition to giving people the knowledge and abilities they need to prosper. 

The information that fuels economic, social, and cultural development is formed in these settings, where fresh ideas are developed and tested.

In a society that values knowledge, education encompasses not just acquiring knowledge but also producing and sharing knowledge. It is about fostering a culture of lifelong learning and encouraging people to be active participants in their own learning. 

Education systems must be created to facilitate this process by giving people the opportunity they need to keep learning throughout their lifetimes. Education must be seen as a lifelong process.

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