Describe the nature of international networks among the diaspora of Punjabis

One of the biggest and most dispersed diaspora communities in the world is the Punjabi diaspora, often known as the Punjabi Sikh diaspora.

Describe the nature of international networks among the diaspora of Punjabis

Colonialism, partition, and labour migration are only a few examples of the political and economic forces that led to the diaspora’s emergence. The United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, and Australia are where the majority of the Punjabi diaspora is found.

The transnational network that links individuals and communities around the world is maintained by the Punjabi diaspora. These networks are based on shared linguistic and cultural ties as well as political and economic objectives. 

Gurdwaras, which function as hubs for religious and cultural activity, are frequently the focal point of Punjabi diaspora communities. Additionally, these gurdwaras support international connection and exchange and offer social services including education and healthcare.

Through humanitarian and community-based endeavours, the Punjabi diaspora has been particularly active in promoting the development of Punjab. For instance, the Punjab Foundation, a non-profit group with headquarters in the United States, supports neighbourhood community projects while also granting scholarships to advance education and healthcare in Punjab. 

Similar to this, the Nishkam Sikh Welfare Council, established in the UK, offers underprivileged communities in Punjab a variety of social services, such as health care, education, and legal assistance.

The political landscape of Punjab has also been significantly shaped by the global networks of the Punjabi diaspora. The Sikh minority in India has been actively supported by diaspora communities, who have also lobbied for more autonomy for Punjab and the designation of Punjabi as an official language. 

Through social media, internet forums, and trips to Punjab, transnational communication and coordination have been made easier.

In conclusion, the diaspora of Punjabis continues to maintain robust international networks that link people and communities internationally. These networks, which have a substantial impact on Punjab’s growth and political environment, are based on shared language and cultural links as well as economic and political interests.

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